Ondine Ash

Bashō Organic Nourishing Face Oil



+ Rejuvenates skin
+ Brightening
+ Hydrating
+ Vitamins K, C, B, D

Deeply hydrating and nourishing, this silky tailored blend of botanicals leaves skin fuller, revived and with a lasting glow.

Provides thirsty and dull skin with essentials omega 9 and vitamins K, C, B and D, which helps to brighten and boost your complexion.

Recommended for normal, dry, tired and mature skin.

About Bashō

We are two women who believe in the power of organic, plant based skincare; ethically sourced and responsibly made. 

We want to promote the often overlooked aspects of skin care, placing everyone's unique, natural rhythms and cycles centre stage. By listening to our own body, observing, respecting and tuning in to its needs - we are able to make more thoughtful and harmonising lifestyle and product choices.

25ml glass bottle

Made in England. 

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