Ondine Ash

'Femme' 50% Milk Chocolate


Femme is an exceptional dark milk bar, made with rare Amelonado beans grown organically by women cocoa farmers in Eastern Congo - the world’s first female cocoa cooperative.

Ocelot's partner works directly with the cooperative, paying more than 2x the Fairtade price, and supporting and enabling ground breaking projects in the community.

Amelonado beans give this bar its gentle yet striking flavour, reminiscent of honey on buttered toast.

The sugar in the Femme bar is organic and raw, meaning that it has not been carbonated or decolourised and still contains all the important nutrients of sugar cane. It makes the flavour of this bar rich and complete.

Handmade, designed and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Ingredients: organic cocoa mass, organic raw unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder

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