Ondine Ash

The Everything Bag


A bag for every use, shopping, throwing things in for the beach, an overnight bag, the list goes on. I wanted something that was long lasting and could be multi use but also lightweight so it could be carried around and pulled out when every it was needed!

100% Washed linen, OEKO-TEX certified

Made in Lithuania, sustainably made in a family run factory

54 x 59cm

Baked Clay

Linen is made from the flax plant, growing of which requires fewer resources like water or pesticides compared to widely used cotton. When the plant is harvested, different parts of it are used for making various products other than linen fabric, such as twines, ropes, also linen seed oil and meal, both of which are used as food supplements for their health-boosting properties. Finally, flax doesn’t require any chemicals to be produced into linen fabric and the fabric itself is fully biodegradable as no chemicals are used in the making.

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