Ondine Ash

Tuscany Cup


Argilo ceramic wares are inspired by the warmth and soul of the Mediterranean, by the earthy vistas and slow ways of living. The vessels are devoted to simplicity and everyday functionality, using a warm and natural palette that echo these places. Each piece is individually crafted on a potter's wheel. They are then fired, glazed, and fired again. All coloured clays and glazes are mixed by hand in the studio.

The Tuscany cup is wheel thrown stoneware, handmade by Jaye in Falmouth, Cornwall. The clay is coloured by hand and glazed on the interior only.

A tactile vessel perfect for a chilled water, longer coffee drinks or an evening wine. Holds approx 250ml (8oz). 

Approx. 7.5cm ø x 9.5cm H 

Note: Dishwasher and microwave safe - hand washing recommended for best care. All items are made individually by hand, so subtle difference and variation may occur.

Extra care for exposed clay: if grease stains the clay over time, soak the piece in hot water, vinegar and lemon juice, dry, and then rub with vegetable oil and leave it to dry out. Good as new!

Our ceramics are uniquely hand crafted - there may be variations between items. 

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