Ondine Ash

Natural Basket


Made using milulu grasses, these beautiful baskets are hand woven by skilled craftswoman working as part of a network of village cooperatives in Tanzania. As is the case with most basket weavers in Africa, the art of weaving has usually been passed down the family line, though these Tanzanian weavers are also regularly trained in product development and new weaving techniques.

Coming in three different sizes, these can be used all over the home - from fruit baskets and desk tidies through to large planters and laundry baskets.

Through a fair trade relationship, cooperative members are able to support their families more comfortably - with every purchase actively supporting the livelihood and empowerment of the makers.  

Small: 20cm x 20cm
Medium: 26cm x 26cm
Large: 34cm x 34cm

Colour: Natural

Woven from milulu grasses

Spot clean only.  

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