Ondine Ash

Check Basket


Made using Sisal, the craftswomen who produce these check woven baskets all learned to weave sisal from a young age, and practise this traditional African craft within a small collective in rural Kenya. The Basket Room team visit and spend time with this talented group as often as they can, and have fostered a strong bond with the craftswomen and their inspiring chairlady, Madam Dorcas over the years. Before they started trading with this group, the weavers would make the long journey to Nairobi to sell their woven baskets at urban markets. These days, women can work safely and more efficiently from home, working to complete large and regular orders from The Basket Room. 

Coming in three different sizes, these can be used all over the home - from fruit baskets and desk tidies through to large planters and laundry baskets.

Through a fair trade relationship, cooperative members are able to support their families more comfortably - with every purchase actively supporting the livelihood and empowerment of the makers.  

Small: 17-19cm x 17-19cm
Medium: 22-24cm x 22-24cm
Large: 27-29cm x 27-29cm

Colour: Natural and Green

Woven from Sisal 

Spot clean only.  

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