Ondine Ash

Pico Face Cloth


Gently exfoliating, and silky soft when submerged in water, this face cloth elevates the simple routine of your daily face wash.

  • 100% organically grown Kala cotton

  • 30cm x 30cm

  • un-dyed and naturally flecked - the irregularities and colour differentiations within the delicate weave makes each piece unique and is a reminder of the handmade process and natural materials used


  • machine wash on a gentle cycle, 20-30°

  • line dry


Pico designed in collaboration with Bashō Skincare and working with the cooperative Khamir - a cooperative whose work supports ecology heritage and craft in Western Gujarat. Each cloth is handwoven in the weavers’ homes using organically and locally grown Kala cotton. Kala is a variety of cotton, native to the Kachchh region, which has naturally adapted to its dry and arid climate over thousands of years. Read more about Khamir here.

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