Ondine Ash

Poppy France Organic Face Oil - Rich


Perfect for all skin types, especially those with dry or mature skin. Works well as a night oil.

100% Organic rose-hip oil, which stimulates the skin's natural collagen production. This deeply hydrating and healing oil replenishes moisture, while Grape-seed oil soothes and softens, diminishing fine lines and bestowing a radiant glow. Cold-pressed organic jojoba, a natural antioxidant, re-balances natural oils and ensures that skin remains clear and free from blemishes. By utilising 100% Organic cold-pressed oils and a pure essential oil blend, this facial oil works harmoniously with your skin, promoting its health and enhancing your overall mood.

This product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and it is packaged in a recyclable and refillable bottle as part of my commitment to sustainability. Crafted with love, each batch is made to order to ensure maximum freshness and potency.

To indulge in its benefits, apply the oil to your face and décolletage in the morning and evening on clean skin.

100% Organic, cold-pressed jojoba, rose-hip, and Grape-seed oils. It also contains a carefully diluted blend of pure essential oils, namely May Chang, Geranium, and Patchouli. Please note that it naturally contains Linalool, citral, and geraniol.

*** New labels on recent order so the packaging will look different***


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